A Change Is Coming In The New Year…


With the New Year quickly approaching all of us, another year will have come and gone again. The time goes by faster and faster each year.  Most of us start off  every New Year with a resolution. A resolution is a change that you want to make or need to make for yourself.

Let’s see… it could be losing weight, more money, or a better career,  and this could go on and on. Consider this; is your New Year’s resolution regarding something you want to improve on for you? They normally are because, you think it will make you happier? The problem is, we start off the New Year full of momentum and the idea of keeping to our goal. However, we seldom ever follow through on it.

We can all make goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year to jump on the bandwagon of everyone surrounding us or we can actually consider wanting to improve ourselves. After all, are you happy? I mean really… Think about it; are you actually happy with your life and current situation? Probably not, or you would not be making goals. To want change and improvement of any kind regardless of why, starts with self-awareness. Think about these four things.

  1. What do you want to improve on for your own happiness?
  2. What are your obstacles?
  3. What motivates you for this improvement?
  4. What strategies are you putting in place to overcome your obstacles and reach your goal?

Get out some paper and a pen because, in order for you to actually change something about yourself; it requires a revelation. You have to do some serious soul searching, being deeply insightful regarding your own life and situation in order to improve it. It is not about pointing fingers at your past, at other people, at things that happened to you, it is about being tired of your situation and wanting to change it. We have all heard the saying “No one else can do it for you; you have to want it for yourself”. Well, that’s because, it is true and only you can make it happen.

For me, my entire childhood was an example of a life I knew I did not want for myself but, I was living it every day with no idea how to change it. The pain carried into my early 20’s where I was going through the motion of just living day to day, with no consideration of the future I wanted. I found myself miserable, lonely, and depressed. This pain only grew after I lost my first born son, after which I just wanted to die. Pain and suffering has a way of breaking you down to nothing, and sadly we often allow it to keep us down. Once you have enough pain, you can learn to use it. The pain becomes your motivation, your driving force within yourself that causes you to flourish. I had reached that point in my life and was ready to do something about it. I began to think about what I wanted, what made me happy, what was holding me back, and (This one is huge) was I the one making the wrong choices and causing mistakes? I began to learn and respect myself; I learned the gratification of being an individual, not conforming to others around me and taking ownership of my mistakes. Once I laid this common core foundation within myself, things slowly started to fall into place. I worked at changing my life one task at a time, committing to it, pushing for it, and reaching it.

Committing to improving your life requires a lot of personal truth, admitting to your mistakes, learning from them, and taking control of your own life. It is hard to have the stamina and courage it requires to change your own universe.  It is important to believe in yourself, have faith, strength, courage, humility, discipline, truth and be ready to make sacrifices. Sacrifices because, it is hard to sometimes purge people and things from your life that are negatively impacting it.

Ironically, the pain you once suffered from; becomes the roots to your encouragement for growth. You begin to blossom into a new person with the life you want for yourself and deserve.


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