5 Things Women Share With Their Best Friends

Okay ladies, we all know that we share intimate, guilty, funny and dirty little secrets with our best girlfriends. These could be things we want to brag about, happy or sad about, excited or scared about and whenever we just need to vent. Just to be clear on something as well, women most of us… only have one or two really close girlfriends. Through the years we may have acquired and lost some along the way for multiple reasons but, loyalty and trust with a friend that has been there for you through the years is beyond compare. These women know us like no other and have seen our vulnerability, emotional up’s and downs, and seen us in our rarest embodiment. Let’s be real for a second, most women can’t share everything with their partner because, they would sound crazy. The gratifying moments women share with their best friends make them invaluable. So here is a list of some of the craziest things women discuss when men are not around.

Social Life or Lack Of

We tend to share with our best friends about that much-needed night out of the house with the ladies to relax and escape their stressful worlds. How in the world did their real friends list become so short and their Facebook full of people they know but, don’t really know? Their list of the most recent favorite TV shows and what happened that they just, could not believe. That event we get invited to and know we are not going because, they know that we don’t like the people who are going, or just people period. The event we got invited to and can’t wait to go as well as, the reason.


When women are single we tend to confide in our best friends for advice when it comes to men. We share what our ideal concept of a partner would be and then ask them for advice when one might peek our interest some. Now this is not always the case, some women are very private and don’t share with their best friend until, after they have gotten to know the guy and then they only share everything they like and maybe their biggest concern about him for advice. That guy whom we like but, shouldn’t like and the reasons why. The type of guy we are attracted to. What we love and dislike about our partner.

Sex or Lack of

Yes, we share sex details. Maybe not the details but, if we are not getting any they know. If we are having sex they usual know and if they don’t they eventually will. Really, we only share if it is great and how we can’t wait to get it again… If it is bad well, we just share that is wasn’t great. Most of us don’t tell our girlfriends every little detail and they don’t want to hear it. We share that regrettable hookup that we wish we could forget and feel horrible over for weeks to come. They know the type of sex we like to have and normally if we are a freak (Or not) in the bedroom. They know that one thing you hate doing, or will not do, or love doing. Lastly, some even share advice on the best bedroom toys and lubes.


Of course women talk about money! Our girlfriends know we are on a budget and just really how lose or tight we are with our money. They are sharing the best deals they got at a sale or how much they over paid for an item that they hoping their spouse doesn’t find out about! Of course about that secret credit card that they really shouldn’t have and the balance owed on it.


If we are passionate about something or really want something our girlfriends know. Ideal idea of career, house, car, and everything else. What our “to do list” are to have those things happen. Why we want them so badly or what about them would make us so happy.


Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. ~Plautus


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