6 Things That A Strong Woman Wants In A Relationship

So many guys want to know what the secret is for finding a good strong woman; who is also, a lady. Women like us are a different kind of woman than society is used to. We have different wants, needs and desires. We can in fact depend on ourselves, are successful and will not settle. Believe me, we are not looking for a man to save us. We saved ourselves. When we think about a relationship we’re considering compatibility, values, and the future.  We’re definitely in search of a man with certain characteristic traits. Well coming from one of these ladies, here are some things you really need to know.   

We May Be Independent, But We Want Dependability

When an independent woman is in a relationship, we aren’t just going to hold ourselves accountable for things, but our partner as well. We normally have goals, a vision for the future we want and the ambition to try to make those things happen. A relationship to us is also, a partnership and investment. We will hold you accountable for what you SAY you are going to VS. what you ACTUALLY do. Following through is a big deal for us. We aren’t just naturally going to feel like we can trust you or depend on you. We are used to depending on ourselves and usually disappointed when depending on someone else is involved.  So for us, if you say you are going to do it, then do it. Integrity and being a man of his word is basically a requirement for independent woman. We want a man who is consistent in his words and actions. 

Strong Communication Skills

There are few things more frustrating to us than a man who is not comfortable or unsure how to communicate his feelings, desires, and needs. As strong women we are naturally open and honest with our expectations. If we have feelings, wants, having something on our mind, or question something; you will know it.  There is little room for assumptions when it comes to us and we want the same thing in return. When a man cannot communicate his intentions, wants and so on, he cannot give her the security, safety, and assurance she needs. A man who can give us security and make us feel safe is a wonderful thing. We already over analyze, have to make difficult decisions and are used to taking lead in situations. When a man can be honest, upfront and communicate things, he will naturally put her mind at ease.    

You Will Have To Get To Know Her

If you are one of those guys who only wants to text her… Then you are wasting her time. We want men who will match our efforts.  Our time is very important to us and we have a lot of demands we’re juggling. The fact that we are taking time out of our schedule and putting you on our priority list, is saying a lot. So we expect the same in return. We want a man who will take interest in us, on his own. A man who will get to know and understand the things that are important to us, our likes and dislikes, and what makes us happy. Believe me, we are already doing these things to a man we are in a relationship with or dating.  

Strong Sense Of Morals And Values

You would think this would be a given, but it isn’t. It’s funny how many “players” are interested in us. The problem with that is, we aren’t interested in playing games. We don’t have time for games. Men who are married or in relationships and are trying to pick us up, we have no respect for those men. Guys who don’t support their children or have anything to do with them, are not men to us. We are looking for men who respect others, are honest, trustworthy, and hard-working. We don’t want a man that we will have to explain the difference between right and wrong to. We don’t want to be your mother.  Also, just a little FYI… A man who is a gentleman with good manners, has chivalry traits and is considerate has some the most sexiest qualities a man can have.


There is something to be said about a man who is not sleeping with every woman available to him. A man who has standards and will power are few and far between. We don’t want a man who is sleeping around with every woman who is willing to give it up. We are not casual with sex and if we are sleeping with a man, we expect to be the only one. A man should know and understand that there is quite the difference in just sex and making love. A man who has a passion of giving pleasure to the fullest extent is amazing. We want a great sex life and one with meaning. The type of passion for each other where you can’t control yourself or get enough of. The kind of passion that can be in the nights/days/mornings (whenever) that includes built up anticipation, teasing, hair pulling, lip biting and full on lust in motion. We also, want to be embraced, savored, touched, explored, and treated like we are glass. Long kisses,  slow motions and a lasting experience. There is as always a fine balance of course, but we don’t want to feel used or like an object/quest.  Also, I have to say there is something for a man who appreciates romance. It is clearly over rated at times, but every woman wants it even if in the smallest amounts. Communication and openness… I’m sure this goes both ways, but it is very refreshing when a man will let it be known what he likes, wants, needs, is open to or not open to.  It isn’t like we think, “Oh he’s a man, he will be happy with any attention he’s getting.” We want to know your likes, needs, and we want you to know ours. We don’t believe in faking it till you make it, in the bedroom.


There is nothing wrong with expecting a man, to be a man. One who will support, encourage, and be there for us in all of the ways we need him to be. One who will treat us with respect and like a lady while, understanding our need for independence and success. We want the real deal, there is nothing more disappointing than a guy who turns out to be less than a real man. Once we find one,(a man we love) we are committed, loyal, and forever loving to him. We will love, support and encourage him in every way we can. It’s about a partnership. You know…. 50/50…. or 100/100 we are looking for the other half, not a piece.


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