Being An Alpha Woman and Dating… Are you emasculating men?

Men are attracted to strong minded and independent women but, are they committing to wanting more with them?

Being an alpha woman; I manage to have an important amount of balance between rationality and emotions. I learn from my mistakes and others, eager for growth and knowledge, passionate about priorities and meeting my goals, and I strive for success. I live my life by the maxim that actions speak louder than words. My determination is more than just a mental state of mind. I embrace life with endurance, audacity and ambition. Society finds it accurate to place disgrace when someone doesn’t fit into their ideal impressions; for me that is not an issue. I’m okay with being misunderstood and I’m unapologetic about my beliefs or opinions. I don’t believe I should change; who I am, to have someone else like or accept me.

With that being said, some men find me enticing, but intimidating. When you add my children on top of that equation, I’m more than just an average package. I have no problem attracting men, sorting out the guys who cannot reach the suitable maturity level or, are narcissist. Yet, here I am single. Why? I know my self-worth, value and I will not settle for a guy that doesn’t match my efforts in every way. I want a relationship to add to my life not become my life and I am not scared of being alone. Alone and lonely are not the same things. I recognize my times of loneliness but, I will not compromise what I value, for a false or temporary experience of intimacy and affection. Another reason I’m single, is even though my character is alluring to what men think they want; it has some dilemmas. I have been known to be difficult, opinionated, direct, and challenging. These are not always bad qualities to have, but with the good comes the bad.

I find it crucial for women like me to be aware of something; all of these things may sound ideal in being successful in life and at attracting men. But few men can actually cope with the reality of it. It takes strong minded men to not find women like us,  tolerable. I use the word tolerable because we want affection, availability, dependability, but we want independence and are cautious with our emotions.   Being an alpha female makes maintaining a successful relationship difficult. Why? We not only intimidate men, but we also, tend to emasculate them. Regardless, whether or not they admit it, men want to be needed. Men want to feel masculine and they want someone who is going to be supporting and loving. They also want to feel needed physically and emotionally. Women like us tend not to be overly affectionate and are too independent.   It is important to find a healthy balance being an alpha woman and being a caring partner.

Recently, I learned how important it is to turn off my meticulous mind and be in the moment. Out of that experience I also, recognized something else; there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and allowing sensitivity to show. These qualities do not make you less of a strong woman. It makes you a desirable woman.

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