What it means to be strong.

Oh strength you are a friend of mine…

I’m often told by people that I’m a strong person, which I am.  Having strength means being resilient in tough times and having a relentless amount of determination to keep going regardless of  your feelings while still comprehending them. For me it’s this imaginary line in my head that says right now it is about doing what is necessary; regardless of whether or not I’m feeling vulnerable, broken, deeply wounded, fragile and overwhelmed.

I have experienced more than my fair share of moments that have caused me some agonizing and gut-wrenching emotions yet, here I am still going. I learned a secret somewhere along the way that I live my life by that I’m going to share with you.

” There is much more to gain from hardships than  just surviving them. It not about the recognition of your achievements, but more about the journey they provided and who you are becoming because of them. Learn as much as you can and be optimistic but, realistic. It’s about your perspective, knowledge,  attitude and overall outlook on life that will ultimately propel you forward or be your downfall.” ~ Seeingtheoutside

I believe in being realistic so that I do not to set myself up for disappointments or failure.  By realistic I mean knowing myself, my likes and dislikes, my wants and dreams, my standards and expectations. By being positive I mean rather than dwelling on things that have happened;  I’d rather focus on the opportunities to improve my future, happiness and circumstances. It’s about applying my energy to a practical plan of action; with steps that move me forward instead of living in past.  I learn something from each and every situation I’m encountered with; the good ones as well as, the bad ones. I reflect on them and how they have impacted me throughout the entire experience from start to end. I understand that good and bad things will happen, it’s just life.

I have learned from my life how to be a strong woman, find purpose, be fearless, ambitious, authentic and honest, unique and an individual, intelligent, direct but tactful, and fiercely confident. I have no doubt that life will challenge me more. I will not allow fears or hesitations to hold me back from the life and happiness I want for myself. Of course there are parts of my heart that are still sensitive, cautious, sensual, and vulnerable. Those pieces of me I have deliberately hid until I can find the right person to share those raw emotions with.

To me strength also comes for a true balance and harmony within yourself. It becomes less about  how other people view you; whether or not you fit into the traditional stigma of what is considered normal by society. It’s about knowing who you are, what you want, and having the determination to make it happen. I know that my future is based on of my decisions. I have found the right amount of  balance to be aware, open, flexible, willing adapt to change, take advantage of opportunities,  understand growth, emotions and my actions.  True strength is more than just being resilient. It’s about putting yourself first, loving and respecting yourself enough to let go of pain, learn from circumstances and not allow it deter you from achieving the life you want.

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