Just because it wasn’t meant to be, doesn’t mean it wasn’t supposed to happen.

Destiny, fate, meant to be…

“Trust the continuously changing journey you are traveling because nothing happens by accident. Whatever is meant to be, will be.”

 “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.”

 “Something good will come out of from something bad.”

I wanted to do this post because I believe these saying with every fiber of my being.  Daily we experience different disappointments, annoyances, inconveniences, heart-break and often forget about how fortunate we really are. We forget to be grateful for the experiences of our journey and what we have discovered along the way.  We all want to live “Happily Every After” and  have our fairy tale ending.  I mean come on, in reality we don’t want to experience unfortunate heartbreak and overwhelming disappointments.

Majority of the time we never realize that these things are actually a blessing in disguise.

It’s hard to admit that someone whom you loved, that caused you such scandalous, unbearable, and god-awful heartbreak is actually a blessing in disguise. That the job you really wanted and worked tirelessly for; only to find out someone else filled the position; is really a blessing in disguise. 

Yeah right, how ridiculous is that?  Here’s the thing, you have to look at things from a different perspective. Opening your mind up to the idea that something bad may have happened, but it could have been worse; and that destiny or fate if you will, have given you the opportunity for something better.

Life gives us different opportunities everyday, but we are so caught up in bad experiences that we don’t see the positive things that come out of the results of them. While my life has been full of disappointments and heartbreak, so has so many other people’s lives.  I did not have the best childhood, I lost a child, I’m divorced… all horrible and disappointing things. Those things taught me how to love and respect myself, be aggressive at achieving goals, to appreciate simple and small things, and value family, loyalty and honesty.

I truly believe that destiny has my back and I’m supposed to accept, learn and grow from the journey of the ride. We aren’t supposed to have everything figured out or know the answer to everything. Sometimes things happen that we don’t plan or want and the results of those disappointments lead us to a better place.  Opportunity has presented itself to us. That divorce you experienced turned into meeting a man or woman who was more than you ever imagined, the job you didn’t get brought you to the career of your dreams.  The opportunities become available because it is taking you to where you were meant to be.

Another favorite quote of mine is that “sometimes when everything is falling apart they may actually be falling into place.”


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