Do You Know The Difference Between Love vs Lust?

It’s butterflies in your stomach when you see a person across the room that you think is attractive. Your eye’s meet and you exchange a fast smile while trying to not look to obvious.  It’s meeting the person for the first time after exchanging texting, messaging through dating apps and phone conversations. There is often some type of connection that brings to people together. Although sometimes we find ourselves puzzled about what is actually going on and wonder about if we are truly in love or are we in lust? Trying to sort out feelings can be challenging so here are some hints to help make the distinction between the two clear.

Signs of Lust

  • Focusing on their looks and body image
  • Interested in sex, but not conversations
  • Never discussing real feelings or anything that isn’t a superficial answer
  • No serious concerns for other persons feelings
  • No effort put into getting to know them as a person
  • No time spent together outside of the bedroom
  • Lovers but not friends
  • The only time you think of them is for sexual gratification
  • No desire to meet family and friends
  • You are physical together, but not emotional
  • Sort term or a “just for now” and no desire for a future together


Signs of Love

  • You want to spend time together other than when you are just having sex
  • You want conversations and forget about the time passing by
  • You want honesty, loyalty and commitment
  • They motivate you to want to be a better person
  • You want to meet their family and friends
  • You have a deep affection and emotions towards them
  • You want to settle differences and compromise
  • You have genuine intentions and are considering their feelings
  • You have compassion and empathy for them
  • You are able to feel contentment, stability, non-forced connection and ease with one another
  • You have a secure and peaceful atmosphere while together inside and outside of the bedroom


A lot of times, lust is confused for love and a relationship is formed that doesn’t always end well. Consider looking at the relationship and figuring out if the affair is based purely off of lust or could it actually be a healthy relationship.


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