Bed “Time”

My dear little ones,
I don’t know where the time runs.
I remember when you were both so young
and at bedtime a lullaby was always sung.

I would leave the window curtains ajar,
to point out the moon, and a wishing star.
I would hold you in my arms and glide,
dancing next to your bedside.

I’d hold you until your eyes would close,
until sleep found you, and dreams were composed.
I’d take in those moments and look up at the sky;
praying for time to slow down and linger by.

I’d lay you down in your beds
and kiss you each on your heads.
Now you are older
and no longer sway on my shoulder.

At bedtime now… it’s kisses and hugs,
tickles with giggles, and back rubs.
I read to you stories full of little lessons,
and answer your nonstop stilly questions.

I hear you sneaking for your late night treats
and find the evidence on your sticky sheets.
I laugh hearing your footsteps as you both run,
knowing that someday… I’ll hear none.

I can’t believe you’re sleeping the whole night through
or how fast you each have grew.
I love putting you both down to sleep;
it’s memories I’ll forever cherish and keep.

You are only children once and that’s it.
So for now on…. I want extra kisses,
all hugs will be long and tight;
and I love you a hundred times each night!

It makes me sad and I sometimes cry
because time keeps flying by.
One day you will be grown
and have children of your own.
You will watch the hour hand too
and your meaning of bed “time” will become new.

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