Chocolate Chip Cookies

As the warm gooeyness hits my tongue
I hold it on my palate
Close my lips…
And savory it.

My eyes close and I involuntary moan,
As I began to chew.
The sweetness travels to my womanly hormones;
Through my body and I whisper, thank you.

I dip my hot chocolate chip wonderfulness
into its cold milk bath
And slowly soak up all of its tastefulness
Like a true chocolate psychopath

I lick away the last taste of chocolate
From my fingertips
Rinse my dish under the faucet
And trace my tongue around my lips.

Erasing any of the chocolate bleeding evidence.
Its memory, is simply survived by
A lovely and sweet fragrance.
I hang my head down in sorrow
Just, hating…. that it had to die!
I’m wondering if I can control my urge;

I murdered fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies Tonight!! So yummy! © 6 days ago humor • sarcastic • women • men • food • humor3

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