Everything I Need

There is so much I simply adore

So yes, I’m asking for more

I need more than just connection

I need lots of deep conversation

That’s my mind’s true love and affection

True and deep, mind stimulation!

I need more than just your body

I want to know your dreams and fears

I don’t want to be, just somebody

You met through the years

I need you to be open

and express your emotions

Show me what has been broken

So we can put healing in motion

I need you to be different from the rest

So I can  feel safe to express

All the emotions I detest

Yes I feel, I confess

I need you to give me security

With loyalty, understanding, and consistency

True love in its purity

Oh can’t you just see

I need your words and your actions

Give me real passions

Something to long for

Be the things I adore

And I’ll love you, more.

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