Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty

What does the past hold and the future see?
Do you believe, we are truly free;
Has freedom and liberty really been given?
Meanings of two words that are lost in oblivion.

Is it possible that we stopped being aware;
Or do we simply not care?
News reportings are never what they seem,
so many things are apart of a bigger scheme.

How did we learn to accept;
this pain we are causing by… neglect?

Right from wrong is no longer taught
and it appears everything can be bought.
So many haven’t a clue
of the things that remain of value.
A life, some time, and a family to name a few.
What will the future hold,
when children have nothing left to look up to?

With each passing generation
hate is growing deeper in the foundation.
The children around the world will reap what we all continue to sow.
Yet, we seem to disregard their tomorrow.

Are we closing our eyes
as we continue to compromise;
children we ignore
to pay the price of our worlds never-ending war?

What does the past hold?
A story that has already been told.
What does the future see?
It’s a shame we’ll never all agree.

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