There was I time I hated being me,
nothing was pretty that I could see.
What I looked like or who I had become;
my self-esteem was mean and gruesome.

I’d stand in the bathroom at the mirror
looking away in disgust and horror.
I saw nothing, but the imperfections;
used my make-up for temporary corrections.

Each day I tried to put up a fight,
but I lost my battle every night.
For years I gave depression my consent…
suffered through the physical and mental torment.

My life was full of aggression,
I was holding onto the past, pain, and depression.
I was always last on the list
and for a long time I didn’t exist.

I needed to learn… how to love myself
so I took a hand held mirror off the shelf.
Looking at my reflection I removed lies,
wiped away shadow and liner from my eyes.
Took off my mascara, lipstick, and blush;
told the negative thoughts to hush.

Finding happiness was my own duty…
and so was accepting my natural beauty.
No longer do I look upon my face
or at my life with disgrace.

How I think, who I am, and what I write…
I’m a unique lady with a intellectual appetite.
I have an elegance that is rare.
My body and soul are full of wear and tear.
I am who, I have fought to be.
Finding my inner peace set me free.
I’m finally happy with being me.

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