I’m not just another woman

The first time I seen your blue eyes,

Oh my, I had butterflies.

I was instantly attracted,

It was like being held captive.

I met you so young,

God, you had a smooth talking tongue.

We had such a strong connection;

It was much more, than just affection.

Boy, I should have knew,

That you would be, too good to be true.

Turned out to be another life lesson

 and the years went by

like they were seconds.

Some things were a blessing,

But, all of the loneliness made an impression.

My goodness how the time flown,

The entire time you made me feel so alone.

I had no idea you would become unknown.

We had three children,

In a life we should have been building.

I knew my heart was in danger,

Because, you had become a stranger.

With every ounce of strength I could summon,

I could no longer be

just another woman.

I’m no longer a wife;

So much has changed in my life,

But, just like the heaven above,

I still believe in true love.

I will never again,

Be just another woman.

I don’t want a man,

Who doesn’t plan,

on being there till the end.

I need more than just a friend.

I may have to wait,

To find my soul mate.

I’m well on my way

taking it all day by day.

Until he will come along,

And my heart will have a place to belong.

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