It’s a blessing

She is a lady with strength and beauty.

She has seen much of the world’s cruelty.

She learned quickly how to be strong,

She’s dealt with disappointments for so long.

Don’t try to understand her mind,

She’s for sure one of a kind.

She views things differently from the rest,

Every little moment she feels blessed,

Even in the darkest of times

She sees between the lines,

To many she is wise beyond her years,

But she has learned from many fears.

She knows how to analyze,

Every little thing she sees with her eyes.

Out of every obstacle and circumstance,

Her way of coping is advanced.

She knows everything is a chain of events,

She’s learned how to view all of the contents.

She knows the world can be dark and mean

So she’s helping view so much of the unseen.

Teaching how to have positive thoughts

Helping others connect the dots.

Showing how even in the dark,

There is always a little spark.

She believes nothing happens by mistake,

That our lives are ours to make,

She hopes to bestow

Kindness and Respect

To help others know,

 Life isn’t supposed to be perfect.

That every life lesson,

doesn’t have to be taken with aggression,

if they can only see…

All of these struggles turn into a blessing.

She is helping change their point of view

And showing them something new.

That Even though life is stressful,

Nothing Is Impossible.

That with each new sunrise

Comes a new day To open up your eyes

And see things in a different way.



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