Let me Love You

I’ll always care,

I’ll always be there,

I’ll always stay,

I’ll never go away.

I’ll hold you closest to my heart,

I’ll never let you fall apart,

I’m not going to disappear,

You have nothing to fear.

I know your heart is feeling weak,

But hear me as I speak.

I’ll be your rock,

You don’t need a mental block.

There is no need to analyze,

I see the hesitation in your eyes.

You can depend on me,

I know we are meant to be.

With every sunrise and sunset,

It’s the pain you will forget,

I’ll be your happy place,

I’ll be your saving grace.

I promise I’ll always be there,

Just like I were air.

I’ll never cause you pain,

I know you find this insane.

Let me help repair what was broken,

Through my time, love and devotion.

I make this vow

That someday, somehow

You will begin to see,

No one will love you like me.


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