My dearest friend

My dearest friend,

This obstacle will not be the end.
So many people are mystified.
Where to find joy… where does it linger and hide?
Happiness, tell them what to do;
help them find you.Now I’m no expert
and I don’t want you to get hurt,
but my dear, happiness is a matter of effort.

I’ll share with you the secret and give you the key…
Everything requires energy.
Your life, attitude, and happiness will take a hit.
Remember to recharge it!

One circumstance can change it all;
If you let it… it will be your downfall.
Don’t allow things to control or define you.
Learn to change your point of view.

Will the worries you have, matter in a year or two?
You will find more happiness and value;
when you accept those things, you cannot change.
Stress, anxiety, worries, and people who cause you pain….
Treat the complete diagnostic,
You owe no excuse; when you remove people or things that are toxic.

Don’t look back, you can’t change that.
Thrive to be, who you want to be. Push to where, you want to go.
If you don’t try, you shall never know.
Nobody else can do it for you,
this life is yours to construe.
Happiness is waiting to be found, when you let go of your sorrow.
Starting today; live for now and for tomorrow.

Recharge your energy,
and apply it where you need it to be.
Attitude means nothing, until you bring it alive.
Put it into an action…. Which way do you thrive?
You choose… happiness or misery;
Which will it be?
Keep in mind they attract the same kind of company.

Sincere wishes for joy and peace,

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