When you look in the mirror

What is it that you see?

Could the reflection be any clearer,

Are you who, you want to be?


Do you wish you were thinner

And so you skip dinner.

Do you wish you were prettier,

So you add more makeup to the exterior

Do you hate what you see

Or do you agree to disagree?


Young woman so naive,

Do not misperceive

Everything they are telling you

Here’s a few that are long overdue.


In each and everyone of us

There is a beauty

There is nothing to discuss

Only the ugly come off snooty


My dearest, looks they come and they go

But here is something you should know

What makes you different,

makes you one of a kind

Those differences are not insignificant

So put that in your mind.


First you must learn to love and collect

Your differences and their effect

Hold them with a tight embrace

And watch everything fall in place

Including your self-esteem

Because you, believe


That you are worthy and of value

For simply being you.



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