Would You…

Would the food in your mouth,
still taste the same;
If the tongue hidden behind your lips,
no longer spoke my name?Would the smell in the air
be as sweet,
if I wasn’t there?
Would you see my face
in everything you encounter;
when I’m not yours to embrace?

Would your heart tear and break,
at the thought of me with another man?
Would your world crumble down and shake?

Would you be furious, if you let me walk away
because you never told me how you felt,
what you needed, and asked me to stay?

Would you show up at my door
and tell me you can’t live without me;
that you have never felt this way before?

Would you tell me you aren’t settling for nobody,
that there could never be anyone else,
that you only want for me?

Would losing my love help you see,
If you are just loving the company
or if you are in love with me?

Would you let me go,
walk away and leave you?
Then I guess we would both know
if this was lust or a love that was true?

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