A letter is waiting for you

I read a letter that I wrote for you
when you were only seven months old.
It’s for you to read while you go through
a box of memories and stories to be retold.

It made me cry, as I read it today
knowing life is full of happiness and sorrow.
It was written in case there would come a day
when you may wish for hours to borrow.
Time with me on one of your special days,
for my health offers no guarantee for tomorrow.

I wanted to make sure
that you would always know
how special and loved you are.
I hope to be around for awhile and watch you grow.

The letter was written on a day
near Thanksgiving and I was very sick.
I feared I wouldn’t be there to tell you “Everything would be okay,”
when life feels crazy and hectic.

I feared that on special days yet to come,
you would be wishing I was there
and I’d be looking down on you from…
Clouds floating in the air.

In box made just for you,
You’ll find comfort from me.
Something old and something blue,
For a bride to be.
A book, What to expect when a baby is due.
A list of advice from me… to you.
Old pictures and clothes you out grew.
In this box you’ll find my letter waiting for you.
My words to have, keep, and run to.

I love you and your brother!
I’m beyond blessed to be your mother.

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