A Side Of me

There is a side of me,

That that few people see,

What I carry inside of my heart,

All the joy and sadness from people that have torn it apart,

When I close my eyes and try to rest,

My body twitches to remind me of what I know best,

Nonstop disappoints and pain,

From those I needed and trusted with nothing to gain.

I’ve seen and heard all the best goodbyes,

That they no longer come as a surprise,

The tears that fall when I am alone,

I’m so tired and broken down to the bone.

Don’t try to understand my adventure,

You wouldn’t want this heart clincher.

There is a side of me,

That nobody will ever see,

The little piece left unbroken,

This part of me is gentle and softly spoken,

I promised myself to keep it hidden,

Allowing anything from hurting it forbidden.

There is a side of me that few see,

There is a piece of me I will not allow free,

There is pain, new found strength, guarded happiness and freedom hidden behind my hazel eyes….

My face just wears my well hidden disguise.

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