Darkness Found Me

My recovering soul
needs a break;
From life’s never-ending,

I still have so much,
I’m meant to do.
How will I ever,
make it through?

The heart’s tears,
just keep on falling.
My mind is begging me…
Don’t give up darling!

So many disappointments
And too much pain.
I’m running out of coping methods
and finally going insane.

I can’t stop worrying.
Anxiety at its climax.
These darkening thoughts
keep reoccurring.
I cannot shake them, to relax.

These tears fastly streaming,
down my buried face.
I can’t seem to stifle the screaming,
In my once dry pillowcase.

The darkness has fallen upon,
these thoughts that keep rushing and rushing.
All the light is now,
I simply can’t keep pushing,

© 5 days ago alone • depression • pain • sad • anxiety

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