Hiding Depression

She shows the world composure,

And they never bother to look closer.

She has beautiful eyes,

It’s best part of her deguise.

They look upon her face,

She smiles but feels such disgrace.

She pushes through another day,

Telling herself she will be okay.

The loneliness calls and the darkness falls;

She can’t hide from her mind at night,

And her thoughts begin to ignite.

The thoughts tell her she is alone,

That she has no home and isn’t wanted,

Her mind is so very haunted.

As the tears begin to fall from her eyes;

The thoughts continue to chastise,

Telling her nobody cares if she dies.

She has no hope or joy left to find,

She knows she is losing control of her mind.

She holds her pillow and weeps,

And she prays for a never-ending sleep.

Each day remains just as grey.

She wonders if anyone ever knew,

Everything she hides from their view.

She wants help with her depression,

But can’t handle the anxiety with rejection.

So each day she continues to hide,

The mean thoughts that never subside.

She is barely coping and they have no idea, she is so broken.  ~PC

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