Just a dream… (dark)

There is nobody around to save me,
to hear my crying plea.
My blood is rushing and heavily streaming;
this pain inside of me, is let out screaming!
I slit the blade across my skin,
an unforgivable sin.

I stopped hearing,
and everything in my world is disappearing.
The last bit of air has left from my lungs;
anxiety, panic, and coldness now comes.
My eyes roll back into my head,
I must be dead…

The blackness washes over me
and for a moment… I feel free.

I jolt awake from my dream,
I must have heard my own scream.
Anxiety and depression have been playing with my mind.
Warmness I seek to find;
the coldness lingers in my body,
but laying there next to me… is nobody.

The shadows come out to play,
dancing and singing they say,
“We can make your dreams come true,
change the color of your world from blue.
Let the us take you away;
if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay.”

Evil takes command of me,
blackness is the only thing I see.

Feeling my way into the kitchen… I found a knife;
slit my neck and ended my own life.
I lay there lifeless from my suicide;
no longer do I need to hide,
from the pain and depression that was inside.

I let the darkness take away my pain.
I must be going insane!
I’m awake again,
waiting for the darkness to say when…

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