Memories of us

Memories of us

You were gentle as could be
And it completely disarmed me.
So affectionate, sweet, and playful
I found myself hopeful
About this thing they speak of
Something called true love…

Ignoring all reason and logic
I let you remove each brick.
Thinking that love was enough,
Not paying attention to the other stuff.

What happened in the long run?
You turned into another one;
A person to only come and leave.
You too, abandoned me.

Marriage was supposed
to be for better or worse;
A true lifelong commitment
Filled with love, not resentment.
There was no, happily ever after;
Only an ending of pain and disaster.

Now you wish you could do it all over again.
Do better now, what you didn’t then.
Yes it’s true, all is forgiven,
But going back is simply forbidden.

My advice to you
Is so simple and true.
Should you get another chance at marriage
Slow down and cherish
All the little things
And everything else life brings.
Never let her feel alone, unloved, or unwanted.
That’s why you’re now haunted
With memories that are dangerous
Because they’re filled with feelings,
of what was us.

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