Thanks, but no thanks

Thanks, but no thanks

Why would I accept you back into my life?
You bring nothing, but misery and strife.
My heart isn’t a revolving door
and I’ve never mattered to you before.

Your blood,
flows through me… like the color of mud.
Respect and loyalty was the cost;
Family in me, you have lost.

I may have came from you,
this much is true.
Thank you for bringing me into this place;
giving me pain, abandonment, and trust issues to embrace.

Don’t tell me, you are sorry and that you care.
For us… you were never there.
Pain is the company that you bring;
time hasn’t changed a thing.

Yes, I know… it isn’t your fault.
Taking accountability; that would be an insult.
Life has always been out to get you,
but it had nothing to do….
with your choices and your actions.
Gambling, addictions, and misery were your main attractions.

Thank you for stopping by,
but I’m no longer interested in your reasons why.
Ummhmm goodbye; feel free to go,
I think we both know…
I stopped needing you, a long time ago.

Parenting is a tremendous responsibility.
In me, mine have love and reliability.
I promised myself to do my best
because of them, I have been blessed.
I’m sorry.. but then again I’m not;
Being a parent, you gave up your shot.
We were never important enough to you,
but I want mine to have someone to look up to.

My love for them is true, mine never hidden…
I’ll do for them, everything that you didn’t.

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