The End…

The end…

Our story has come to this,
The end.
For the longest time,
You were my best friend.
You and I,
Said, “I Do.”

I gave up so much for you…
because I loved you, more than me.
I suffered through,
the worst pains on my own.
I built my life around you,
and you left me… all alone.

Our memories of happiness,
were replaced by those so haunted.
I tried my best to fight for us,
a family is the only thing I ever wanted.

No matter how hard I tried,
we grew apart.
You stayed a boy; when I needed a man.
You never stopped, breaking my heart.

After everything I’ve already been through,
I thought someone…someday would be there.
I thought that person, would be you.

Abandonment and disappointments,
are all I have ever known.
It’s what ever person I have loved,
has ever shown.

Our divorce is now final
and I’m no longer your wife.
I have another hole in my heart to mend,
from another goodbye in my life.

Loneliness is the only love found in me.
I guess that will never end…
It’s the one thing that won’t set me free.

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