The Mask

With beauty and contentment masked as a disguise
She has hidden depths of pain and is fearful of demise.
Always coming and going on due course
Without understanding of the force.

She displays her composure with a smile and a purpose,
Underneath that glimmering glow of her surface
Lies a hidden darkness with cold spaces,
everything she hides from their faces.

From an outward glance
you only notice the elegant show of her dance.
Her mask keeps many things hidden from your sight.
Those continuing movements from the song of life,
She keeps looking and moving for a bit of light.

Pushing on and up as she continues to move
With a strength she is determined to prove.
She has built her guarded walls hard and high,
That even the bravest could try,
But in the end she has the power to say –  bye.

She is no longer waiting on a brighter day
She is stepping up and making her own way.
To go on in such peace
to let go of the pain and allow it to forever cease…

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