The Ultimate Demise

How nice would it be,
if things were more stress free…

If only we could escape from our realities;
this life and its nonstop formalities…
Responsibilities and obligations,
disappointments and frustrations;
being tired and seeking out new motivations.

Working for little compensation,
dreaming about the never coming vacation.
Past due notices waiting in the mail;
doing the best we can, but never prevail.
A never-ending game full of adjustments,
to please others and their judgements.

Time that never stops,
youth ticking away on the clocks.
Little things taken for granted,
until your left empty handed.

Living it all day by day,
using coping methods to make it okay.
Everything will work out just fine;
this is all a part of a grand design.

Time…. The ultimate demise.
Life happening before your eyes.

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