Walk Away

So many things I have tried to say

All of them come down to, will you stay?

Love is hard to conceive,

When I’m waiting for you to leave.


I don’t know how to trust,

But I’m trying to adjust.

In my mind so much is wrong,

I don’t feel like I belong.

Your world is so calm and free.

What could you possible see, in me?


Divorced, two children, and stress;

Everything is such a mess.

So stubborn, hard, and direct;

Nothing about me is perfect


So much hidden behind my face

So many feelings of disgrace

Broken, weak, and alone

Nothing I allow to be shown


I know I’m different from the rest

But if I can make a request,

Please, if you won’t stay

Go ahead and walk away.


I know I appear to be so strong

But that illusion, is very wrong

Under this confident and hard exterior

I actually feel quite inferior.


After so much pain and neglect

I’m trying to protect,

The little piece of me left unbroken

It’s vulnerable, gentle and softly spoken


It’s easier for me to push you away

What else can I say?

I may never learn to accept true love

It’s the one thing; I have always been neglected of.

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