Removing Those Whom Are Toxic From Your Life


One of the most liberating experiences in your life will come from removing people who are toxic to your health.

Toxic people are manipulative, full of drama, complaints, selfishness, and negativity. They have a natural way of bring misery, depression, and anxiety into other people’s lives. These are those that suck the happiness out of the things that once gave you joy. They make you feel guilty for success or happiness. They wallow in self-pity and nothing is ever their fault. 

In the world we live in today, EVERYONE is walking around with a wounded soul. Sadly there is more misery than happiness; negativity has a way of manifesting itself over and over. It has emotional and physical effects on people. Self-improvement and self-growth is a decision that some people will make.  While others never will.  CHANGE comes from self-awareness.  That is a skill that takes practice, discipline, and commitment.

Toxic relationships sabotage you life, happiness, growth, and sanity. There is a difference between toxic people and undesirable/unpleasant people. Some one who is annoying and difficult to deal with is not a toxic person, they require a distance. You can tolerate them  and they do not cause you any emotional or physical harm. Toxic people however, they do affect you emotionally and at times physically. Anyone who brings depression, anxiety, and pain into your life should be removed for your own health!

How to remove toxic people; including family members.

Removing someone who is toxic from your life is not easy.  It is a process, it will affect you, and it will challenge you; in ways you may not expect.  Before you start removing people from your life especially, family members; you need to rationally consider “cause and effect.” I have removed staple family members from my life. While, I have no remorse over doing so; holidays and special occasions are not the same. We are born with a natural loyalty to blood because we love them.  These types of toxic relationships are the most damaging ones. We all come to a conclusion or have different reasoning’s for the need, to remove them.

1. Respect and value yourself enough to set boundaries and keep them

 Learning to respect yourself to want more or better can be difficult. This is even harder to do when you have someone who is trying to hold you back. Toxic people want to drown you with their misery. Setting boundaries and demanding respect  will not be acknowledged by toxic people. They care more about themselves than you. You don’t need to apologize, debate or explain why they need to be removed. 9 out of 10 times they will not understand or agree with your reasoning.

2. Removing toxic people will need strength

Toxic people LOVE to play the victim, nothing is ever their fault, life has been “out to get them.” They are the never-ending “POOR ME” mentality. Meanwhile, they are doing nothing to improve their situation. When you decide to remove/end a relationship with someone; you will have to stand your ground. This is very important to those family relationships. They will make you feel guilty and will manipulate your emotions. This will cause you to question why you are removing them.

I choose to walk away and never look back. I removed and distanced myself away from the most toxic person I knew; my mother. When you examine your life, it can be difficult to understand who, how or why… You will need to be honest enough with yourself to find that truth and then hold on to it; to find your strength to leave. I expressed that truth, then left, and reinforced it by holding my ground.

Regardless of who someone is or what position they hold in your life, They have no right to drown your sanity!

“The most important lesson I ever learned was; I’m not responsible for other people’s happiness, but I am my own! I nor you, can change other people’s choices, actions, and life. Only our own.  As adults, we all have the capability of taking responsibility for ourselves and our choices. To stand up and admit, accept, or change our lives. “

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