‘Tis a real joy

Rockefeller Christmas Painting By: Robert Finale
One of my favorites!


It’s winter and snow is on the ground;
joy in the air and all around.
Music playing a cheerful tune;
Christmas Day will be here soon.
“Santa will be coming,” used as a stimulator;
for children are on, their best behavior.
Kindness and generosity given with delight;
is truly a wonderful site.

 Young and old find a festive treat
in all of the twinkling colors down each street.
Homes sparkle for many nights;
lit up by beautiful Christmas lights.

 Fir trees are covered in ornaments
and candy cane peppermints.
Presents are wrapped in paper and bows.
What’s inside? Nobody knows!

Rooms are filled with fragrant sweets;
baking Santa’s favorite, late night treats.
The joy found in children who still believe,
leave out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.

My little ones time is of limited edition,
I hope to fill them with memories and new traditions.
Christmas for me is filled with so many joys
and it has nothing to do, with all the toys.
It’s amazing what each season brings;
true happiness is found,

in all the little things!