Secrets From A “Type A” Woman: What We Wish Men Knew

How do you attract a good quality woman, keep her interested, sexually attracted, and on a deep level?  Sorry, ladies for telling men a few secrets from the complicated world that our minds live in. Now for the record… I will say this does not go for all women, but most Type A Women who are like myself. I think at some point men and women eventually come to a point where they get tired of dating. Right?? I mean the energy that goes into dating these days is insane. The lists of possibilities for dates are endless… Dating sites, bars, clubs, blind dates and other social gatherings.  Regardless of the way you are finding women to date, Rejection Hurts! So you want to know a few secrets… Here ya go.

Let’s just be friends and You’re a nice guy!

What does this mean? Well, it could be a few things…. It could mean that you two have nothing in common and she doesn’t want to waste your time or hers. It could be that she doesn’t respect you enough to date (more about this later). Also, it could be that you aren’t exciting enough for her to think about you sexually. Of course she could never just say that… that’s rude and she would look like a whore; and she probably isn’t. Women have to be diplomatically correct when it comes to sex because socially speaking none of us want to be in that category.

Looks are important, but not as important as you think!

Women are not as shallow as men are. Men are very visual… you know I’m right. Women like eye candy too, but we need more than looks to keep our interest. We need some type of connection and the rest just grows. The saying let’s just be friends doesn’t mean you have no chance with her. Things can develop from friendship. Women are emotional and if you can spark enough connections in other ways she can develop interest outside of the friend zone. Especially if she doesn’t have the best impression of you, for whatever the reason. Being friends with her is the only opportunity you will have to allow her to see who you are.

Arrogance and aggressiveness are never attractive!

The guy that thinks he can have any woman he wants in the room, or he is God’s gift to women, kissing a woman he just met, to say he can….. absolutely not. We are not some object for your taking or ownership and we sure as hell will not tolerate being disrespected. We want to be pursued by men, but not pushed around by them. We want men who allow us to want them in return without feeling like a conquest.

Being a gentleman is Sexy but being a doormat isn’t!

There is a balance that every man should know between being sweet and being weakly. We love to be considered and a man with manners is sexy, but we also like to be challenged. We want a man who has a backbone and will stand up to us or anyone else, if needed. We want you to challenge us but correctly. In other words, call us out on our behavior and moods, but don’t be little us or act superior to us.

Teach her don’t lecture her!

We may not always be right and admittedly that is bitter to say. You don’t have to say I told you so, or go on and on rubbing it in. I enjoy being taught new things, in fact I welcome it. A man who teaches a woman something is completing two things; he feels needed and successful while she feels a kind of dependability and respect. It’s all about the approach and attitude.

Catch her off guard!

I cannot stress the importance of planning a date and paying attention. Women tell you what they like and you either pay attention or you don’t. Dates don’t have to cost a ton of money to make an impression. Example of this: is I love the water and one of the best dates I was taken on; was for pizza outside on a lake. Afterwards enjoying the wind, air and view. The smallest and simplest considerations are the ones that make the largest impact on a deeper level.

Give her something to respect!

We need to be able to respect our man. What does this mean? Well let me break it down for you. It’s more than opening a door or two for us. It’s about how you treat us and others. We can’t respect a man who doesn’t keep his word and promises. We can’t respect a boy who doesn’t take care of his children. We can’t respect a man who has no standards and will sleep with any woman he has ever had available. We can’t respect a man who doesn’t acknowledge the difference in right and wrong. We can’t respect a man, if we can’t depend on or trust him.

Make her laugh!

Laughter is amazing and happiness feeds good parts of our brain and heart. If you aren’t funny, so what. You don’t have to be the one who has to make her laugh. Thankfully, you can watch a movie or go watch a stand up show. Tease her and let her tease you back. Tease her about something small and innocent things that aren’t demoralizing to her.

Jealousy is not necessary!

Flirting at social gatherings may be rude at times, yes. But in good innocence let it go. There is a difference between flirting and questionable actions. At the end of the day you should not question her trust and commitment to you. After all, if she is kissing you and going home with you. Take it in…. she is displaying public affection for you in front of men who desire her. That is her way of saying, I care for and want you and I don’t want nor care for them. Attention is just nice to have sometimes.

Match her efforts!

We want a man who is going to be a strong foundation for us, our rock if you will. You don’t need to have it all to impress her. Most of us are not looking for your checkbook. We appreciate a man who is honest and upfront with what he wants, is looking for and needing. In our foundation we need compatibility and dependability. We want to stand next to you, a true partnership. We want you to put in the same efforts as we are. Work for it together. A man who has ambition and determination that matches hers.

Sex is she faking it or not?

Sadly I know a lot of women who have faked it. In the long wrong they aren’t doing either of you any good. I mean all the urge wasted on a fake…. well my biggest suggestions for men would be to slow down and pay attention. It’s not a race to the finish line or for penetration. Most women require four play to be worked up. Take your queue from her. Watch, listen, feel and pay attention to her body, breathing and movement. Until you figure out her likes and dislikes don’t assume. Honestly, I wish more women were open to admitting what works and doesn’t work for them, like and don’t like, want to try and refuse to try. Sexual chemistry is a must for a successful relationship. The same thing goes for men, be open and honest with your likes and dislikes with her. The best sex seldom ever just happens… there is a difference between seduction, lust and love.