14 Things I Hope To Teach My Children


Being a parent requires a lot of time, understanding, discipline, and patience. I’ll never forget how incredible it felt the first time I held my daughter Emily and my son Ethan. Each of them seem to be growing up so fast. My daughter who just turned 5 in April, (and thinks she is going on 20) and my son will be 2 in September.  Lately, I have  had a varied amount of emotions because my daughter is getting ready to start Kindergarten in just under a month and the idea that she is already starting school is overwhelming. I wish I could stop the clock, but I can’t. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago, when I brought either of them home from the hospital. They keep aging faster and faster each day. Time has no patience or understanding as it continues ticking on by.  I can only hope that the things I teach my children will help them in this world they are growing up in.  If I am to be successful at one thing; I pray it is that I’m a good mother and that I raise my children to be good people.  I want them to be successful and happy. I hope they grow into adults that have a strong sense of ethical behaviors, have the courage to pursue their dreams, and are wise enough to be grateful for experiences. I hope to teach my children….

  • Patience and understanding 

All things come in good time and most of the time, it will never be when we want them to happen. I hope my children have the ability and patience to understand differences and changes are not always a bad thing.   Differences mean change, change from what we know. Changes bring us opportunities for something better and growth. Differences and changes can give you a different perspective and point of view.  That they have patience and understanding that with the good comes bad, and with success also, comes failure.  I hope that they will not allow what happens to them during their life to control or define them. To teach them that their reactions and what they choose to do with experiences, will be the difference between their success and failure. 

  • Accept others for who they are and do not judge a book by its cover 

 I hope my children learn to accept other people for who they are, not who they want them to be. That my children will judge people based on their behavior, morals and character; not by the color of someones skin, the clothes they wear or other superficial reasons. 

  • Do not rush love, marriage and children

I hope my children understand that life will teach them a lot during their twenties.  I hope my children wait until their late twenties and early thirties before they decide to get married or have children. As, we grow and mature our needs, wants and desires change. That they don’t rush finding love for the sake of being married or the fear of being alone.

  • Happiness, joy and love are a part of life, but so are disappointments, pain and loneliness

I hope to teach my children that there will be many times that they are happy, find joy and love. That they appreciate those moments. That with good comes bad sometimes. Disappointments, pain and unfortunately at times; loneliness will occur. They will not always get what they want, they will not always feel like someone can relate to something they are going through. That regardless of what life brings, that they always see the good, and fight for better days to come.

  • You are not responsible for other people’s happiness

One of the biggest things I hope to teach my children, is that they are responsible for their own happiness. That they should never sacrifice their own happiness at the expense of someone else’s. At the same time, I hope that they know that doesn’t give them an excuse to hurt others. I hope that they make sincere decisions that are as fair as possible because it will affect them and others.   

  • Always Grow – Education, Education, and Education!

I hope to teach my children the importance of education, reading, self-development and the never-ending cycle of growth! I hope they understand that they should never stop learning. That they try new things, embrace change and learn to let go of things they cannot control.

  • You are valuable, loved and worthy – Embrace your uniqueness and differences

In a world full of negativity; I hope my children know their self-worth. That they are loved and wanted. I hope to teach them that shouldn’t feel guilty or wrong for being who they really are.  I hope they embrace what makes them different and unique because will be the things that make them irreplaceable.

  • Take care of yourself, mind, body and soul

I hope to teach my children that they have to learn to take care of themselves. In order for them to be good for themselves or anyone else, they must first learn to love and accept themselves. That they love themselves enough to put their own needs high-up on their priority list. That you understand they will only have one body and should take care of it. Taking care of it physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Learn to Apologize and Forgive Others

I hope to teach my children to accept apologies they will never hear from people. That a lot of things will happen out of their control, but that holding on to pain will only hurt themselves. To be wise enough to learn from experiences, to prevent them from reoccurring, but to learn the freedom of letting go of pain. That they learn to apologize for their mistakes to others and forgive themselves.  

  • Travel as much as you can

Culture, is something I hope my children will experience to the fullest. The world is so large and yet, it is so small and limited once you find routines in life. I hope to teach my children that while it is so easy to live going through the motions and we forget about the things we should be out discovering in the world.

  •  Living on a budget and the importance of having a savings account

There will come a time in their life when finances will be a struggle. They will have to learn to budget and appreciate the value of a dollar. I hope to teach my children how important it is to have a savings account for emergencies, vacations, and rainy days.     

  •  Set goals and manage time wisely

I hope to teach them the importance of setting goals and how to pursue them. That they learn how to stay motivated, keep enthusiasm and stay persistent to reach those goals.  Time is one time deal, there are no take backs; once the time is gone, it’s gone. Each day they will age and eventually become old. In a world full of multi-tasking, prioritizing daily to-do list, and taking care of life responsibilities that they never lose focus on the things that matter most to them.

  •  Family, friends and loyalty; appreciation and gratitude

I hope to teach my children the importance of relationships. That they are emotionally present for their one day children, family and friends with support and encouragement during the highs and the lows. That they admire and respect their family and friends.  I hope in general that they are always aware and appreciate blessings and kindnesses that are given to them by others, and they bestow the same thing in return.

  • Be true to who they are and if needed, don’t be afraid to rock the boat

I hope to teach my children to embrace the power of words put into action and encouragement for others. That they are not scared to “Speak Up” for things that don’t sit right with them. That they listen to their inner voice and gut feelings. I hope that they acquire devotion and attachment to people whom will treat them with the same kind of respect and loyalty in return. I hope to teach my children to importance of listening to their conscience and doing the right thing regardless, of what society says it right. By that I mean, one day skinny is in and then it is out, thick and curves are in and then they are out. I hope my children just embrace people and life for what it is…. and if it is wrong that they are courageous enough to stand up and fight for what they want or feel is ethically right.


Being a mother for me is the greatest blessing and gift I was given. Putting my children and their needs first will be something I always do because I love my children, more than I love myself. The unpredictability that children bring in a parents’ life is both a blessing and a curse. All I can simply do, is the best I can. So here I am, as their mother teaching them, supporting them, loving them, and encouraging them.




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